Viva La Vida Jester

Viva La Vida Jester

Rank: 16
Rating: 94
Price: $11.50
Made By: Tabacalera A.J. Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A.
Factory Location: Nicaragua
Dimensions: 5" by 56 ring gauge
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua

Viva La Vida is made by A.J. Fernandez for Billy and Gus Fakih, two of the three brothers who owned and ran the two Cigar Inn stores on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. The Fakihs are out of the retail business and now have quite a smoke on their hands with the Viva La Vida Jester, a plump robusto and the newest size of the line.

Like the rest of the brand, Jester is made solely from Nicaraguan tobacco, including a wrapper grown by Fernandez. Unlike the other cigars, Jester isn’t sold in boxes. Rather, it comes in very festively wrapped packs of five, but don’t dismiss the cigar because of its jovial packaging. We assure you, the Jester is no joke.