Undercrown Churchill

Undercrown Churchill

Rank: 25
Rating: 91
Price: $9.44
Factory Location: Nicaragua
Dimensions: 7" by 48 ring gauge
Filler: Brazil, Nicaragua
Binder: U.S.A./Connecticut
Wrapper: Mexico
Strength: Medium-Full
Undercrown by Drew Estate first came onto the scene in 2011. It was supposed to serve as a surrogate smoke for the Liga Privada cigars, which are more expensive and in higher demand. The way the story goes, the rollers at the Drew Estate factory were smoking too many Liga Privadas, so they blended the Undercrown for themselves after they were told to stop depleting the Liga Privada inventory. They came up with a blend and Drew Estate commercially released it as Undercrown. Naturally, Undercrowns were immediately compared to Liga Privada, but the brand has been on the market long enough to stand on its own. This stately Churchill shows a strong oaky, leathery character finessed by hints of vanilla and a roasted coffee bean finish.