Room101 Farce It Is a Lonsdale

Room101 Farce It Is a Lonsdale

Rank: 22
Rating: 92
Price: $10.50
Made By: Tabacalera William Ventura
Factory Location: Dom. Rep.
Dimensions: 6 1/2" by 42 ring gauge
Filler: U.S.A./Penn. Broadleaf, Dom. Rep., Nicaragua, Ecuador
Binder: Indonesia
Wrapper: Ecuador

We’re not sure whether the word “Farce” is droll commentary on brand owner Matt Booth’s own cigars, the industry or something else entirely. What we do know is that this cigar is the finest lonsdale we’ve smoked all year, delivering some flavors that are uncannily precise. The slender smoke contains tobacco from a lot of countries: Ecuador, Indonesia, the United States, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Putting too many different tobaccos into a blend can sometimes have a muddied effect, but here the leaves come together in surprising ways. The draw produces a dense, chewy smoke that has all the sweet and spicy character of a molasses cookie. Plenty of oaky vanilla notes emerge as well, all leading to a finish of maple-cured bacon.