OneOff +53 Super Robusto

OneOff +53 Super Robusto

Rank: 23
Rating: 92
Price: $30.00
Made By: Aganorsa Leaf
Factory Location: Nicaragua
Dimensions: 5 3/4" by 48 ring gauge
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
The OneOff brand has a bit of a mysterious background. It was created in 2001, gaining a cult following for its unusual packaging and fairly low production numbers. Oddly, the trademark was abandoned before being picked up by Cuban Crafters, which produced a short-lived version that was quite unremarkable. Today, the brand is owned by Dion Giolito of Illusione fame. His vision was to restore the cigar to its cult status by giving it the high-quality and unique tobaccos he felt it deserved. OneOffs are made at Aganorsa Leaf, where most Illusione cigars are produced. Of the eight sizes, the +53 Super Robusto really resonated with us. It’s twice the price of the other cigars in the line because Giolito says the tobaccos are different, making it a cult size within a cult brand.