El Baton Belicoso

El Baton Belicoso

Rank: 14
Rating: 93
Price: $5.95
Made By: Fabrica de Tabacos San Rafael S.A.
Factory Location: Nicaragua
Dimensions: 5" by 56 ring gauge
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
With most of their cigars made by the Fuentes in the Dominican Republic, the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. decided it was time to add Nicaragua to their portfolio, so they enlisted Tabacalera San Rafael, a factory owned by Fidel Olivas. The new brand was called El Baton and although it debuted as a single size in 2008, it’s rich flavors and reasonable price made it an instant hit. But it wasn’t until 2011 that the Belicoso came tomarket—a short cigar with lots of character and a $6.00 price tag. The cigar is big on flavor, leaving bold impressions of coffee, spice and raisins on the palate. Few will recall that El Baton first began as a vintage brand produced by J.C. Newman in Cleveland back in 1914. It was a nickel cigar that was made by hand with Cuban tobacco. Now it’s back and probably better than ever.