Cohiba Siglo VI

Cohiba Siglo VI

Rank: 8
Rating: 93
Price: £46.35
Made By: Habanos S.A.
Factory Location: Cuba
Dimensions: 5 7/8" by 52 ring gauge
Filler: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Strength: Medium-Full

There are few cigars on the market, Cuban or otherwise, as coveted and as instantly recognizable as the Cohiba Siglo VI. Since its release in 2002, the Siglo VI still shimmers with undeniable star power. At the time, it was the thickest Cohiba in the line. It was also the first cigar to be sold in a glossy, pop-top, lipstick style tube. Called a cañonazo—or cannon shot—in Cuban cigar factories, the size was conceived solely for the Siglo VI. Twenty years later, retailers still have a difficult time keeping this cigar in stock, despite its high price.

Casually referred to as the “Siglo Series” this line of Cohiba is officially called Línea 1492 and is blended to be a bit milder than the core Cohiba line, or Línea Clásica. According to Habanos, two aspects make Cohiba special. Firstly, some of the filler leaf undergoes additional fermentation time in barrels. Secondly, Cohiba’s tobacco is purportedly harvested from the five finest farms in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba’s famed growing region located in the western province of Pinar del Río.

If Cohiba is Cuba’s flagship brand, then the Siglo VI might very well be Cohiba’s flagship size, and for good reason. The nutty cigar brims with espresso, brown sugar and dried berries before a rich chocolate finish.