Casa Turrent Serie 1973 Torpedo

Casa Turrent Serie 1973 Torpedo

Rank: 14
Rating: 94
Price: $9.00
Made By: Casa Turrent Cigars S.A.
Factory Location: Mexico
Dimensions: 5 1/2" by 50 ring gauge
Filler: Mexico, Nicaragua
Binder: Mexico
Wrapper: Mexico

When you think Mexican San Andrés wrapper, visions of rustic, near-black cover leaf probably come to mind. Most of the time, that’s exactly what it is. But the Casa Turrent Serie 1973 is more of an alternative exploration of Mexican San Andrés Criollo tobacco and its possibilities.

All the Mexican tobacco in the blend was grown by the Turrents, who provide San Andrés leaf to much of the industry. They make the cigar as well. When bolstered by some Nicaraguan filler, the Torpedo gives the sensation of chewing on chocolate-covered almonds. Black tea and cinnamon tones add complexity, but nutty sweetness abounds here. The series is named for the birthyear of brand owner Alejandro Turrent, who changes our perception of Mexican tobacco.