Bolivar Churchill

Bolivar Churchill

Rank: 11
Rating: 90
Price: $6.25
Made By: General Cigar Dominicana
Factory Location: Dominican Republic
Dimensions: 7" by 49 ring gauge
Filler: Dom. Rep., Nicaragua,
Binder: U.S.A./Conn.
Wrapper: Honduras
In 2005, General Cigar finally decided to utilize its long-standing U.S. rights to the venerable Bolivar brand. It took control of the brand’s distribution and changed the flavor, relying on several leaves proprietary to the company. The binder is a forgotten Connecticut leaf called Havana, the wrapper is from San Agustín, Honduras, and one of the filler tobaccos is grown on the volcanic Nicaraguan island of Ometepe. The changes have injected life into a oncesleepy brand. The 7 by 49 Churchill is flavorful yet easygoing, stronger than most of General’s cigars yet not overpowering. It smacks of the distinctive sweet earthiness that comes from Ometepe.