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La Gloria Cubana Reserva Figurado Selectos de Lujos
Selectos de Lujos
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
54 54
Tasting Note
Ernesto Perez-Carrillo has been making La Gloria Cubana cigars since the 1970s, but he never made one like this before. The Reserva Figurados line is a trio of shaped cigars that Carrillo rolls and sets aside for three months to give them extra age. The time works wonders on these smokes, especially the Selectos de Lujos, a 7 1/4-inch-long, 54-ring perfecto with a rich, dark Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. The cigar is made with four-year-old tobacco that’s rigorously selected for smoothness rather than strength. Only two rollers make the line, so there aren’t that many of them. El Credito released 90,000 in late 2004, 30,000 of each size. The company will ship another batch in the spring or fall. Finding them won’t be easy, but they are worth the search.
Size Figurado
Ring Gauge 54
Length 7 1/4"
Filler Dom. Rep., Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuador
Issue Cigar Aficionado – N/A
Price $7.50
Designation Top 25 of 2004 | Rank: 6
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Issue: Cigar Insider: Jan 25, 2005 | Score: 93

This giant perfecto is shiny brown and has superb construction. It has a lush draw. It has long, smooth notes of wood and an earthy finish. It's balanced and complex.

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