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Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial
54 54
Tasting Note
The Padrón family has earned a reputation for producing some of the finest cigars in the world. Their cigars have always been well represented in our Top 25, having won the title the first year and placing third for the second year running. The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Imperial is the thickest cigar in that popular line, measuring 6 inches long with a hefty 54 ring gauge. The Aniversary blend was created by the Padróns in 1994 to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary of making cigars. The elegant, balanced flavor of the cigars comes from judicious amounts of well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Most of the cigars are made in Nicaragua, but some are made in the company’s smaller factory in Honduras. They are trunk pressed to give them their classic bricklike shape, and have that trademark Padrón flavor of cocoa and light chocolate and a long, rich finish.
Size Corona Gorda
Ring Gauge 54
Length 6"
Filler Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Issue Cigar Aficionado – N/A
Price $13.00
Designation Top 25 of 2006 | Rank: 3
More Reviews of this Cigar
Issue: Cigar Insider: Apr 04, 2017 | Score: 93

A slightly-pressed cigar with a full draw and even burn. Notes of leather, coffee bean and cocoa nib meld richly with touches of vanilla and sweet wood.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Nov 03, 2015 | Score: 90

This milk chocolate-colored corona gorda smokes evenly, emanating a sweet aroma as it burns. Notes of wood, caramel and toffee build to a toasty, nutty finish.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Mar 10, 2009 | Score: 92

An attractive box-pressed cigar with a caramel-colored wrapper. The cigar’s very prominent cocoa bean flavors are complemented by white pepper notes.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Dec 01, 2008 | Score: 91

An attractive box-pressed cigar whose chocolate-colored wrapper suggests the cocoa-bean flavors so prominent in this smoke, which is balanced by toasty and white pepper notes.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Feb 07, 2006 | Score: 91

Box-pressed and silky, this cigar has a creamy, malty start and opens to coffee bean, nut and leather flavors. The peppery finish hints of vanilla. Rich and complex.

Issue: Cigar Insider: May 24, 2005 | Score: 93

This pressed and silky cigar burns with a rich vanilla aroma. It has a perfect draw, with notes of cinnamon, nuts and leather, and a creamy finish.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Feb 01, 2005 | Score: 90

Attractive and box-pressed, with an excellent draw and perfect burn. The cigar is nutty, with cocoa and cedar flavors. Rich and balanced, with a medium body.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Apr 01, 2003 | Score: 93

Silky and attractive, with beautiful texture to the wrapper. The cigar has a lush draw. The smoke is complex and rich, with myriad flavors ranging from black cherry to chocolate to roasted nuts. Medium to full bodied.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Aug 01, 2002 | Score: 92

Silky, supple and beautiful. The draw and burn are superb, as is the rich aroma. The smoke is smooth, rich and toasty, and is finely balanced. Flavors such as cedar, cashews, cocoa and leather were noted.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Jun 01, 2001 | Score: 88

A veiny cigar with a rough cap. It draws and burns well, with woody, coffee notes and a hint of cream on the finish. Some inconsistency was noted.

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