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Tatuaje Fausto FT153 Toro
FT153 Toro
50 50
Tasting Note
Pete Johnson doesn't deny it: his Tatuaje Fausto is the strongest cigar in his portfolio. Created as a private blend for a Hawaiian retailer, Fausto became a full commercial line in 2011, taking its name from a discontinued vintage Cuban cigar brand. The horned image of Mephistopheles burned into the cabinet's lid echoes the original box art and references the tale of Dr. Faustus, an ambitious scholar who made a pact with the devil. The smoke is a dense, concentrated cigar, full of coffee bean, earth, white pepper and a sweet hint of molasses. This is not a mild smoke, and it's obviously intended for those who prefer full-bodied blends. With a retail price of less than $10, you can have this very strong experience without feeling as though you've sold your soul.
Body Full
Size Corona Gorda
Ring Gauge 50
Length 6"
Filler Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Wrapper Ecuador
Issue Cigar Aficionado – Jan 01, 2019
Price $8.75
Designation Top 25 of 2018 | Rank: 14
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Issue: Cigar Insider: Nov 06, 2018 | Score: 92

Beautifully rolled with a lush draw that layers the palate with heavy notes of coffee bean, earth and cocoa. Hints of white pepper and brown sugar also come through.

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