Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill

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Tasting Note

The Oliva Serie V Melanio blend is no stranger to our Top 25 list. In 2014, the Figurado was Cigar of the Year and in 2016, the Robusto was No. 8. Today, the Churchill lands at No. 8 as well, which really speaks to the consistency of this blend. On the inside is a core of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, but the driving force of its character is undoubtedly the aged Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. The Melanio blend is the top-tier product from Oliva Cigar Co., made in even lower quantities than its traditional Serie V brand. The smoke was named after Melanio Oliva who, according to the family history, was the first member of the Oliva family to grow tobacco, circa 1886. Oliva cigars have remained remarkably consistent over the years, scoring well again and again in our blind tastings. But when Oliva was acquired in 2016 by European company J. Cortès, there were, naturally, concerns: quality could suffer in favor of increased production, prices could increase or any number of negative changes associated with an acquisition could transpire. After two years in the hands of J. Cortès, we're happy to say that Oliva cigars remain a fantastic product with consistency and complexity. The Serie V Melanio Churchill is as aromatic as it is flavorful, with notes of malted chocolate and mesquite that occur in both the nose and on the palate.


Body: Medium

Size: Churchill

Ring Gauge: 50

Length: 7"

Filler: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador

Issue Cigar Aficionado – Jan 01, 2019

Price: $14.00

Designation: Top 25 of 2018 | Rank: 8

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