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Arturo Fuente Churchill
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
48 48
Tasting Note
Slim and squarely pressed, this Churchill starts sweet dried berries, gingersnap and cocoa bean qualities before taking on flinty notes and a vaguely nutty finish.
Body Medium
Size Churchill
Ring Gauge 48
Length 7 1/4"
Filler Dom. Rep.
Binder Dom. Rep.
Wrapper Cameroon
Issue Cigar Aficionado – Apr 01, 2017
Price $6.25
More Reviews of this Cigar
Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Apr 01, 2009 | Score: 88

Slightly box-pressed with glue stains on the excessively toothy wrapper. Flavors are a pleasant mild- to medium-bodied combination of cinnamon and spice with cedary undertones.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2007 | Score: 89

An oily cigar with a full draw and even burn. It has a pleasant sweetness that underscores notes of pepper, wood and coffee.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2004 | Score: 87

A toasty, cedary cigar with heavy wood notes. Medium bodied. Some inconsistency was noted.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Feb 01, 2003 | Score: 84

Toothy and veiny, rather rough in appearance, this cigar has a fine draw. It's woody and light, with a faint hint of coffee. Medium bodied.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2000 | Score: 83

A firm, oily cigar with a streaked wrapper. The burn is inconsistent, and the cigar has creamy notes and a hint of bread dough. Mild to medium-bodied.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Feb 01, 1999 | Score: 86

A medium bodied cigar with a good creaminess on the palate. There is a hint of leather, and some woodiness on the finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Jan 01, 1998 | Score: 84

A mild to medium bodied cigar. It has a strong cedary component, with a light sweet tobacco taste.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Dec 01, 1996 | Score: 90

This cigar grows more interesting with each puff. It is soft and mellow, showing wood, coffee and cocoa flavors. A complex smoke.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Sep 01, 1995 | Score: 89

A rich, medium-bodied cigar with a solid, sweet spiciness and a strong component of coffee beans that finishes just a touch dry.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Sep 01, 1993 | Score: 86

A medium-bodied cigar which has a firm, almost tight draw, is filled with black pepper and coffee flavors.

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