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Ashton 8-9-8
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
44 44
Tasting Note
Oils are seeping through the Connecticut shade wrapper of this cigar, which draws well. It's grassy up front, but picks up sweet molasses and baking spices.
Size Lonsdale
Ring Gauge 44
Length 6 1/2"
Filler Dom. Rep.
Binder Dom. Rep.
Wrapper U.S.A./Conn.
Issue Cigar Aficionado – Dec 01, 2014
Price $8.70
More Reviews of this Cigar
Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2018 | Score: 90

The leather and citrus notes of this lonsdale become nutty before transitioning to a sweet nougat and marzipan finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2017 | Score: 89

Light in appearance, this lonsdale shows a surprisingly rich, woody character with notes of baking spice that culminate in a graham-cracker finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Apr 01, 2016 | Score: 88

The bready, cedary notes of this yellowish lonsdale become quite sweet with a sugary, maple-candy finish that sticks to the palate.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Feb 01, 2007 | Score: 86

Yellow in color, this cigar has a fine draw and burn. It dry, with some balsa wood flavors and a touch of cream and earth. Mild.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Feb 01, 2004 | Score: 85

Tan, with some oils on the wrapper. The cigar burns unevenly. It has balsa and coconut notes, and a mild body.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Jun 01, 2002 | Score: 83

Rough in appearance, this cigar tunnels as it burns. The smoke is tart and papery, with a hint of fruit.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Sep 01, 2001 | Score: 88

Golden brown, with a nice draw and burn. The smoke is herbal and nutty, with hints of vanilla bean.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Aug 01, 2000 | Score: 81

A quite mild cigar. It has a salty character, with a rather light papery, almost vegetal finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Aug 01, 1999 | Score: 81

A pretty-looking cigar. There were some hints of light cedar, but it was extremely mild. A very light body with a light woody finish. A hint of youth.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Aug 01, 1998 | Score: 81

This cigar has some coffee bean tastes. It also has a toasty character, and a smooth taste. Well-made. The finish seems a little short.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Aug 01, 1997 | Score: 85

A well-made cigar, but the smoke is thin. Some hot, gassy flavors were noted, along with a sweet quality. Mild, and lacks depth.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Sep 01, 1996 | Score: 86

A good-looking cigar, with some oils and veins. It burns and draws well, leaving a gray ash. The smoke is smooth and mild with a tangy flavor and a grassy finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Sep 01, 1996 | Score: 86

A very pleasant, creamy cigar. It has strong flavors of nuts, with hints of leather and nutmeg.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Mar 01, 1994 | Score: 88

This cigar has an oily reddish-brown wrapper. It delivers a rich mix of flavors including spices and nuts.

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  • Very good to excellent: 80-89
  • Average to good commercial quality: 70-79
  • Don't waste your money: 0-69
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