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Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
Corona Gorda
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
60 60
Tasting Note
Bold with prominent black pepper character, this cigar is spicy and earthy but also conveys citrus notes and a slightly tangy finish. A bright and flavorful smoke.
Body Full
Size Corona Gorda
Ring Gauge 60
Length 6 1/2"
Filler Dom. Rep.
Binder Dom. Rep.
Wrapper Dom. Rep.
Issue Cigar Insider – Oct 22, 2013
Price $8.14
More Reviews of this Cigar
Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Aug 01, 2014 | Score: 87

A bright and zesty smoke with orange peel notes and some nuttiness, though the draw could be more substantial. The finish is a touch perfumey.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Dec 01, 2012 | Score: 90

A woody smoke that imparts tea and dried citrus notes before imparting a graham cracker sweetness. It draws and burns evenly throughout.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Oct 11, 2011 | Score: 88

Covered in a spotty wrapper, this big cigar smokes well with a creamy flavor plus hints of meat and wood. The finish could be longer.

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  • Average to good commercial quality: 70-79
  • Don't waste your money: 0-69
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