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Cohiba Siglo VI
Siglo VI
52 52
Tasting Note
Until the summer of 2003, it seemed as if Cuba was going to completely ignore the fat cigar trend. Then Habanos S.A. introduced the Cohiba Siglo VI in the United Kingdom. Dubbed the cañonazo, or “cannon shot,” in Cuban cigar factories, the cigar was a new size for Cuba, just under 6 inches long and an impressive 50 ring gauge. The cigar (which also comes in an extraordinary colorful aluminum tube, for an even higher price) brims with strong and intense flavors, loaded with notes of leather and coffee. It’s a full-bodied smoke not meant for an inexperienced palate. Cuba tried to replicate its success the following year when it introduced the Montecristo Edmundo, a bit shorter and slightly fatter than the Siglo VI, but it failed to live up to the high standards set by the Cohiba. The Siglo is the best of modern-day Cuban cigars.
Size Corona Gorda
Ring Gauge 52
Length 5 7/8"
Filler Cuba
Binder Cuba
Wrapper Cuba
Issue Cigar Aficionado – N/A
Price £22.00
Designation Top 25 of 2004 | Rank: 3
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Issue: Cigar Insider: Jul 01, 2014 | Score: 93

Toasty and nutty with a distinct cashew character and spicy cedary elements on the finish. A balanced cigar with plenty of character.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Mar 12, 2013 | Score: 91

Salty and earthy with a touch of sweetness, this thick cigar burns evenly and improves as it goes, delivering some underlying spice.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2009 | Score: 90

The wrapper on this lightly colored cigar is a bit bumpy, but the cap is skillfully applied. It burns evenly, giving off a rich, pleasant aroma and the smoke is woody and cedary in character with some leather notes and a savory finish.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Jan 27, 2009 | Score: 90

This large, thick cigar smokes evenly, with a fine draw, imparting a toasty, nutty smoke with pleasant leather notes on the finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Jun 01, 2008 | Score: 92

Enrobed in a golden brown wrapper that is silky to the touch. A very meaty smoke with prominent toast and woody tobacco notes that prime the palate for the cedary, creamy finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Dec 01, 2005 | Score: 92

Beautiful, with a reddish brown wrapper. The cigar is rich, with full flavors of leather, cedar and cocoa, with a touch of salt and nuts. Complex, balanced and elegant, with a long, full finish.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Oct 01, 2004 | Score: 87

This reddish-brown cigar has a fine draw. It’s toasty, with coffee flavors and a medium to full bodied. The finish is short.

Issue: Cigar Insider: Feb 01, 2004 | Score: 88

This cigar has a spicy aroma. It gains strength as it smokes. Flavors include coffee bean, leather and earth. The finish is spicy with a hint of nutmeg.

Issue: Cigar Aficionado: Dec 01, 2003 | Score: 91

Wonderfully made, this thick cigar burns with a rich aroma. It's leathery, chewy and complex, with notes of coffee bean and sweet spice. Elegant and balanced.

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