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Montecristo Petit Tubo
Petit Tubo
42 42
Tasting Note
So what if this is the same thing as Cuba’s largest production cigar, the ubiquitous Montecristo No. 4? We have found more often than not in recent years that the breadand- butter smoke of Cuba is of very good to outstanding quality, even if it is made in dozens of factories on the island. Throw it in a tube and you are ready for a night out on the town, without having to take your cigar case. The Montecristo comes in small cardboard boxes of five. The smoke delivers mild yet flavorful tobacco character and it’s quick and easy thanks to its petit corona size, or 5 inch by 42 ring dimension.
Size Petit Corona
Ring Gauge 42
Length 5"
Filler Cuba
Binder Cuba
Wrapper Cuba
Issue Cigar Aficionado – N/A
Price £8.50
Designation Top 25 of 2006 | Rank: 25
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  • Classic: 95-100
  • Outstanding: 90-94
  • Very good to excellent: 80-89
  • Average to good commercial quality: 70-79
  • Don't waste your money: 0-69
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