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Brad Paisley • March/April 2012
March/April 2012

In the April issue of Cigar Aficionado, we talk with top country music star Brad Paisley about his passion for writing songs, playing and collecting guitars and, of course, cigars. We also take a look at the ongoing belly putter debate happening in the PGA tour, the Caesars Palace refurbishment, the best luxury cars of 2012, and offer advice on purchasing a 3d television. Plus, a profile on cigar smoker and wine and spirits czar Christophe Navarre, the story of how Aganorsa has grown into one of Central America's largest tobacco concerns, and an analysis of how Cuban cigars have reached new heights.

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Top 25 Cigars
Top 25 Cigars

It's one thing to make a good cigar. It's something else to make a great cigar. But it's something else entirely to make a great cigar over and over again. And that kind of consistency is precisely what is required to make Cigar Aficionado's list of Top 25 cigars.

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