Glossary of Cigar Terms


Vit-Oh-Lah | noun

A cigar factory term for a cigar shape. Robusto and corona are two examples of vitolas.


Vol-Ah-Doh | noun

A grade of filler tobacco. Volado leaf is more powerful than seco and less powerful than ligero. It also tends to be thinner than ligero …

Vuelta Abajo

Vwel-Tuh Uh-Bah-Hoh | noun

The valley in western Cuba that many believe produces the best cigar tobacco in the world. Photo by Angus McRitchie

Wedge Cutter

Also known as a v cutter or cat’s eye cutter , a wedge cutter has a v-shaped blade that gauges an opening in the head of a cigar. These …


A bundle of 100 cigars. Cigar rollers usually use ribbon to tie the cigars they produce into wheels. These are also known as ruedas.


Allowing stalk-cut tobacco to sit on the ground in the sun after chopping (see photo). The wilted tobacco is then speared on a lathe and …

Wooden Match

The best type of match for lighting a cigar. The longer the wood, the easier it is to light your smoke. In this video, Gordon Mott explains …


A high-quality tobacco leaf wrapped around the finished bunch and binder of a handmade, premium cigar. Wrapper leaves need to be coddled …

Yankee Hinge

Long, narrow boards on the side of a tobacco curing barn that run vertically and are hinged at the top. These are found on tobacco barns in …


zaf-uh-doors | noun

The Cuban term for workers who sort cigar tobacco. In a cigar factory, tobacco leaves are sorted in many ways, including type of tobacco, …