Glossary of Cigar Terms


Car-BONE | Noun

The Spanish word for charcoal, and the names given the pits dug into some curing barns to put small piles of charcoal that are burned …


A naturally occurring compound found in aged cigars.

Casa de Tabaco

Cah-Suh Day Tuh-Back | Noun

A curing barn, or curing shed. Casa de tabacos (see photo) are constructed in or very near tobacco fields and are essential to the harvest. …


In the cigar production process, workers case, or slightly moisten, aged tobacco so that it will become supple and ready for manipulation. …

Cat's Eye Cutter

Also known as a v cutter or wedge cutter, a cat’s eye cutter (see photo) has a v-shaped blade that gauges an opening in the head of a cigar …


1. The name often given for the type of wood that is used to make most cigar boxes and humidors. Spanish cedar is used—not red or aromatic …

Cedar Spill

A strip of Spanish cedar used for lighting a cigar in a very fashionable, formal way. A cedar spill is lit, using a candle, match, lighter …


A clear, protective material that is put around many premium cigars. Cellophane was created in 1912. True cellophane is a natural substance …


Chah-VET-Uh | noun

A crescent-shaped piece of steel used by a cigar roller in a cigar factory to cut a wrapper leaf to size. A cigar roller also uses such a …


The traditional material used to cover a field of shade-grown wrapper leaf. Today it is made of nylon or another synthetic material. The …


Shur-ROOT | noun

A term for a rustic cigar, typically one with an open head as well as a foot.


Chin-CHALL-Ay | Noun

A slang term for a very small cigar factory, such as those found in Union City, New Jersey, or in Little Havana, Miami.