Glossary of Cigar Terms


Sal-Oh-Mon | noun

A member of the diadema group of cigars, a Salomon is a very large figurado with pointed, tapered heads and bulbous feet with a nipple tip. …

San Andres Negro

A stalk-cut variety of tobacco grown in Mexico’s San Andres Valley. It makes superb maduro leaf and is used around the cigarmaking world.

San Vincente

San Vee-Sen-Tay | noun

A tobacco hybrd grown in the Dominican Republic. San Vicente plants yield more leaves than Piloto Cubano (Cuban seed) plants, but purists …

Sand Leaf

The tiny leaves that grow at the lowest level of tobacco on a plant. Sand leaf is often not used, and discarded. It also goes by the name …


Sahn-Tee-AH-Go | noun

The heart of Dominican cigar production.


A string used to hold tobacco in place in less sophisticated tobacco curing barns.


The $32.8 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Care Initiative, which was funded by an increase in the federal excise tax on …


An elegant tool for cutting cigars (see photo). A pair of fine cigar scissors lacks portability, and can be hard to master at first, but …


Seck-Oh | noun

Seco is the mildest grade of filler tobacco. It is also the thinnest. Viso is stronger and thicker, and ligero is the strongest, thickest …


The part of a farm where tobacco seedlings are grown. These are also known as canteros . Traditionally seedbeds were planted directly in …


Tobacco seeds are planted to create seedlings. In about 60 days, a seed will turn into a seedling a few inches tall that's ready to plant. …

Semi Boite Nature

A plain cedar cigar box that has two rear hinges and a brooch style clasp.