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Glossary of Cigar Terms

Regional Edition

A program officially begun in Cuba in 2005 to create small-batch cigars for sale only in specific geographic areas. These cigars, known as …

Retail Tobacco Dealers of America

The former name of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR), the leading trade association for retail tobacconists. …

Ring Gauge

A measurement for the diameter of a cigar, based on 64ths of an inch. A 40 ring gauge cigar is 40/64ths of an inch thick, a 64 ring gauge …

Row-Boost-Oh | noun

A substantial, but short cigar; traditionally 5 to 5 1/2 inches by a 50 ring gauge. Robustos have become the most popular cigar size in the …


A worker in a cigar factory who makes a cigar. In factories where the rolling and bunching is divided, rollers put the outer wrapper leaf …

Rolling Gallery

A name for the area in a cigar factory where cigars are made by hand (see photo). The production is often split between cigar rollers and …

Rolling Method

The way a cigar is rolled by hand. There are three main styles: booking, which involves laying each leaf atop one another, as pages of a …

Rolling Table

The station, typically made of wood, where a cigarmaker sits and works.

Rose-Ah-Doh | adjective

A Spanish term that means "rose-colored." It is used to describe the reddish tint of some Cuban-seed wrapper.