Glossary of Cigar Terms



Pan-Uh-Tell-Uh | noun

A long, thin cigar shape. Extra long panatelas are known as gran panatelas. Many have pigtail caps.


Pah-Pah-Lay-Tah | noun

Stickers or seals affixed to the box’s outer hinge or side. Part of the papeleta is usually found stuck to the top of the box while the …


Par-Ay-Hoe | noun

A straight-sided cigar, such as coronas, panetelas and lonsdales. Cigars that are not straight sided are called figurados.


Par-Tee-Doe | noun

A prime tobacco growing area in Cuba.

Passive Humidification System

A system of humidification that does not need a battery pack or electrical outlet to function.


The process of coating tiny tobacco seeds in an inert material, such as clay, to make them easier to handle. Not all tobacco seeds are …

Pelo d’Oro

Pell-Oh Dee-Or-Oh | noun

This colorfully named tobacco (translated from the Spanish, it means “hair of gold”) is not terribly common in the cigar industry. The …



Purr-Feck-Toe | noun

A distinctive cigar shape that is closed at both ends, with a rounded head; usually with a bulge in the middle.

Petit Corona

Petit Corona

A small cigar, known as a mareva in a Cuban cigar factory. Petit coronas vary in size, but the Cuban standard is 5 1/8 inches long by 42 …


Pee-Cah-DUR-Ah | noun

Used mainly in machine-made cigars,  picadura , or short-filler tobacco (sometimes called chop) consists of chopped scraps of leaf. Short …


A cutter with a pointed, sharp end used to pierce a small hole in the closed end of a cigar. Also called a lance. Lances and piercers are …


Pee-LONE | noun

The term for a large pile of tobacco, arranged for fermentation. Pilónes can be enormous, weighing 3,500 or even 4,000 pounds or more. …