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Glossary of Cigar Terms

Machine Made

Cigars made by machine, rather than by hand. There are machines that work with long filler tobacco, but most operate using short-filler …

Ma-Door-Oh | noun

A wrapper shade from a very dark reddish-brown to almost black (see photo). The word means ripe in Spanish. The color can be achieved by …

Mar-Ay-Vah | noun

The Cuban term for a petit corona. The Cuban standard is 5 1/8 inches long by 42 ring.


Mass-market or machine-made cigars are made by machine rather than by hand. There are machines that work with long-filler tobacco, but most …

Mata Fina
Mat-Uh Feign-Ah | noun

The most famous of Brazil’s cigar wrapper tobacco varieties, Mata Fina is grown in the Recôncavo of Brazil, a strip of land near the …

Mata Norte
Mah-Tah Nore-Tay |

A sub-variety of Brazil’s Mata Fina tobacco, Mata Norte is grown in the northern part of Brazil’s Recôncavo region, in the northeast of the …

Media Rueda
Me-de-uh Rue-Ay-Dah |

A bundle of 50 cigars, also known as a half wheel. Cigar rollers usually use ribbon to tie the cigars they produce into half-wheels. A full …

Medio Tiempo
Med-E-Oh Tee-Em-Po | noun

These small leaves, cherished by tobacco growers for its rich flavor, are rarely seen on a tobacco plant. If they do appear, the complex …


An important country in the cigar industry both for making cigars and especially for growing tobacco. The San Andres area grows the …

Mixed Fill Cigars

A handmade cigar made with a mixture of long-filler and short-filler tobacco. These cigars are also called Cuban sandwich cigars.


1. The form used in cigarmaking to give shape to a finished bunch (see photo). It is a form with slots that approximates the size and …

Mounted Head

A Cuban-style of cigar head, also known as a three-seam or triple cap. These heads are flat, and have three seams. This method is being …