Glossary of Cigar Terms


Hab-An-Ah | noun

See Havana (photo).


A Cuban term for a cigar made entirely of Cuban tobacco.

Habanos S.A.

The worldwide distribution company for Cuban cigars.

Half Wheel

A bundle of 50 cigars. Cigar rollers usually use ribbon to tie the cigars they produce into half-wheels. These are also known as media …


Individual leaves of tobacco that are hung together after harvest and tied at the stalk. These hands are piled together to make a bulk for …


A cigar made entirely by hand with high-quality wrapper and long filler tobacco. Also called handmade. 


Huh-Van-Uh | noun

Capital of Cuba. The traditional center of manufacturing of Cuban cigars for export, and a term widely used to designate Cuban cigars. Also …


The closed end of the cigar; the end you smoke. The head can take many forms, including round, flat, mounted, flag tip, and more.


Cigar holders are an interesting affectation and collectible, but true aficionados let nothing come between their lips and the head of a …

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

A mixture of chopped scrap tobacco and a cellulose adhesive, which is extruded into a sheet that can be cut in any size, homogenized …


With the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Cuba, one of the four largest handmade cigar producing nations. Honduras also grows fine tobacco.


Describes a cigar that is underfilled and has a quick, loose draw. A cigar that burns hot often causes harsh flavors. Not desirable.