Glossary of Cigar Terms

Glass Jar

Also known as an Amatista jar, these are heavy glass jars that containing 25 or 50 cigars. This method of packaging is seldom seen today, …

Glass Top Cohibas

One of the most common type of counterfeit cigars. Glass top (or Lucite top) Cohibas (see photo) are fake Cohiba cigars presented in boxes …

Glass Tubes

Also called Crystales, these glass test-tube like cases are designed to protect individual cigars from damage or from drying out.



Gore-Dah | noun

Spanish for "fat," as in the corona gorda shape (see image), a thicker corona. The traditional size is 5 5/8 inches with a 46 ring gauge.


Gore-Dee-Toe | noun

A Cuban cigar factory term for a cigar measuring 5 1/2 inches by 50 ring.

Gran Corona

Grohn Core-Oh-Nah | noun

A very big cigar; generally 9 1/4 inches by 47 ring gauge.

Gran Panetela

Gron Pan-Uh-Tell-Uh | noun

A long panetela, which is a slim cigar. Gran panetelas typically measure longer than seven inches. The most famous type of gran panetela is …


Guah-HEER-Oh | noun

A Cuban term for a peasant farmer, or a man of the earth. It’s considered a compliment in many circles.


Why-Ah-BEHR-Ah | noun

A Cuban dress shirt, typically made of linen, with many pockets, which make it ideal for holding cigars. The shirts are worn untucked.


A flavorless, odorless vegetable adhesive used to secure the head of the wrapper leaf around the finished bunch. Also called gomma .