Glossary of Cigar Terms


A country in South America that has become a prized source for wrapper tobacco. Tobaco is grown outside of Guayaquil, near the foothills of …


emm-pee-LONE-ando | verb

The process of making a pilón, or a bulk or troje of tobacco for fermentation.


En-Kay-Yah-Doh | noun

A type of tobacco growing where a plot of tobacco is shaded only on the sides (see photo). This provides protection from the wind and also …

English Market Selection

Abbreviated EMS, a term used to designate a natural color wrapper, not claro or lighter shades, nor maduro or darker shades. In the United …


En-Sar-Tay | verb

The process of taking tobacco leaves from the fields and hanging them in a curing barn. The strings used to hold the leaves are called …


En-SAHR-Tay | verb

The process of hanging tobacco in a casa de tabaco , or curing barn.


En-Too-Bar | verb

A rolling method that originated in Cuba. The roller rolls each filler leaf into a straw or tube shape, creating tubes with great air flow. …


Es-Cap-Are-At-Ay | noun

Cooling cabinets in which cigars are kept at the factory for a few weeks after they have been rolled.


Ess-Koh-He-Dah | verb

Spanish for chosen, escogida in the world of cigarmaking is the act of color sorting , one of the final steps in the cigar production …


Es-Teh-LEE | noun

The agricultural town in Nicaragua where most of the country’s cigars are made. Strong tobacco is also grown there.