Glossary of Cigar Terms


Dez-Flor-AHH-Doh | noun

Tobacco that has been topped, or removed of its flower, seeds, and sometimes the entire upper portion of a tobacco plant. This causes the …


Des-Oah-LEE-Yo | verb

The Spanish term for deveining tobacco, which is the process that is more commonly called destemming or just stemming. The stem of a …


The stem of a tobacco leaf is very thick, and need to be completely or partially removed before the leaves can be rolled into cigars. For …



dee-ah-DEM-ahh | noun

A very large figurado with a closed and tapered head. Generally 8 inches or more long. One of the more popular diademas is the Salomone …


A frowned upon method of dipping the end of your cigar in a glass of spirit. Don’t do it.


The top vent in a tobacco curing barn. It remains open, to encourage air flow.

Dominican Republic

The country that rolls more cigars by hand than any other nation. Most of the country’s cigars are made in Santiago, but some are rolled in …

Double Claro

Double Claro

A green shade of wrapper tobacco, achieved by a heat-curing process that fixes the chlorophyll content of the wrapper while it's still in …

Double Corona

Double Corona

A big cigar, known as a prominente in Cuban cigar factories. The cigars generally measure 7 1/2 to 8 inches by a 49 to 52 ring gauge. The …


The amount of air that gets pulled through a lit cigar. It can be too easy (hot) or too tight (plugged.

Draw Test Machine

A device that sucks air through a cigar in a cigar factory (often an unfinished one) to determine if air will move through the cigar …

Dry Draw

The act of clipping a cigar and sucking air through the cigar prior to lighting (also called a cold taste). This can tell you if a cigar …