Connoisseur’s Corner: Por Larrañaga Magnifico Exclusivo Reino Unido (2007)

Por Larrañaga Magnifico Exclusivo Reino Unido

H. Upmann Sir Winston (1995)

This gorgeous Churchill, with its supple wrapper, is a firecracker of flavor from the moment the match leaves the foot, smoking like a much younger cigar. The lush draw delivers plenty of wood and coffee bean that dance on the palate, along with a hint of German chocolate. The finish is exceptionally long, with just a hint of campfire smoke. —David Savona

Bolivar Tesoros Exclusivo 5TA Avenida (2016)

This imposing Salomon shape, a Regional Edition Cuban cigar made for German distributor 5th Avenue Products, has a surprisingly mild start for a big Bolivar. It picks up steam about an inch or two in, taking on almonds, wood and a big burst of caramel, framed by some gritty earth. This is no quick smoke—about a two-hour puff. —David Savona

Casa Magna Robusto (2009)

I set this cigar down not long after it was named Cigar of the Year. The Nicaraguan smoke is still bold and strong with some spicy elements of black pepper, but the raisin sweetness it had in its youth has been replaced by nutty macadamia notes and a chocolate quality that grows more pronounced as the cigar progresses. —David Savona