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Connoisseur’s Corner: El Rey Del Mundo Taino

El Rey Del Mundo Taino

Punch Churchill (1993)

Nineteen Ninety-Three. As Sinatra would sing: “it was a very good year,” especially for Cuban cigars. This big Punch has become mellow and sublime after 27 years of aging. Cashews and truffle combine with wisps of leather, and the finish is pleasantly sweet, with notes of almond paste. The retrohale leaves a touch of earth and pepper in the nose. What a superb cigar. —David Savona

Flor de las Antillas (2012)

A former Cigar of the Year, this is still a heady, bold smoke that’s retained most of its power, pepper and nutmeg. But the years have brought out a cornucopia of dried fruit notes that range from raisin and apricot to fig and apple. It all comes together with an autumnal hint of burning hickory. A tasty Nicaraguan cigar that’s worthy of aging. —Gregory Mottola

H. Upmann Magnum (2005)

Before it became part of the regular Habanos portfolio in 2008, this beefy cigar was created as one of Cuba’s Edición Limitadas. The smoke has aged well, showing off intriguing notes of granite and slate, complemented by the sweetness of nutmeg, graham cracker and a pleasant nutty quality. Powerful and raw in its youth, it has become finely balanced, with an elegance that was missing when it was young. —David Savona