Connoisseur’s Corner: Davidoff No. 1

Davidoff No. 1

Cohiba Lancero (1993)

This beautiful, slim smoke was handed to me in Havana by Edward Sahakian, a man who truly knows his cigars. The draw is sublime, the flavor opulent from the first puff. Layers of almond syrup and chocolate are complemented by a light woodiness, and as it grows somewhat dryer it takes on a lovely note of orange peel. There is so much left in this remarkable cigar. —David Savona

Bolivar 100 Aniversario Hermoso No. 4 (2004)

This is an excellent cigar, still showing a lot of life after 16 years, with a spicy core of pepper and cinnamon flavors. Full-bodied, like most Bolivars, it arrived in a special-edition humidor to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bolivar brand in 2004, and was sold exclusively through La Casa del Habano franchise shops. It held 100 cigars in two large bundles of 50, and only 100 humidors were made. —Gordon Mott

Ramon Allones Gigantes (2010)

Cuba only has a few double coronas, and this one is arguably its least famous. For shame, for when smoking well these cigars are remark- ably delicious. This ten-year-old Gigantes is dark and alluring, delivering heavy notes of malted chocolate from the first puff. It stays rich throughout, not necessarily evolving but staying flavorful—showing some cedar and lots of honey. —David Savona