Connoisseur’s Corner: Bolivar Belicoso Fino

Bolivar Belicoso Fino

Montecristo No. 2 (2014)

What a revelation. This Monte had a bit of youthful harshness six years ago, but that has disappeared. The cigar is filled with spicy pepper and leather notes, an interesting mid-palate packed with Bordeaux wine notes—dark red fruits—and a long, spicy and earthy finish. The draw, while just a touch firm at the outset, opens up, and the burn is also perfect. This cigar has decades of life left. —Gordon Mott

Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales (1998)

This Churchill-sized cigar was aged in London by U.K. distributor Hunters and Frankau and later released as part of the company’s vintage program. Like many old smokes, it starts slowly with a bit of dusty white pepper, but after a few puffs, the flavors really come into clear focus. Saffron and black cherry are a playful prologue to the surprisingly intense notes of nutmeg, marzipan and toffee. —Gregory Mottola

Romeo y Julieta Dunhill Selección Suprema No. 2 (1965)

An exquisite smaller cigar given to me ages ago by Ajay Patel. It has near perfect construction, and starts with a mocha quality, followed by a spiciness reminiscent of the Middle East. The sweetness ebbs as the cigar burns. It shows wisps of honey and a dry, floral note, with loads of almond and toasted bread. —David Savona