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Andrew Nagy • Senior Editor
Andrew Nagy

As a senior editor with Cigar Aficionado, I cover a range of topics from the cigar industry to lifestyle products, and anything in between. I also oversee daily operations of CigarAficionado.com and write posts about cigar news, smoking regulations, cigar taxation, cigar accessories, lifestyle products and, should I get the chance, great beer.

Born and raised in a small town in Central Maine, I fell in love with words and books at an early age, opting to pursue my passion by majoring in English in college. After school, I returned to Maine where I took a job as an editor at a newspaper called the Kennebec Journal. It was during this time that I caught the cigar bug and continued to develop my love of craft beer.

In my free time I enjoy photography, reading, writing and trying to recapture my glory days by playing the occassional men's league hockey game.

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