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What’s In A Brand Name?

What’s In A Brand Name?
Photo/Jeff Harris
The peculiar stories of parallel brands, cigars that share the same names but are made in separate countries
Part of the learning curve for newcomers to the cigar world is that even while they’ve diligently memorized names of classic Cuban cigars, when they see those brands displayed on a store shelf in the United States they are quite different animals made in a different location. For almost every Cuban Montecristo cigar, there’s a counterpart that was made in the Dominican Republic. A doppelganger of sorts. For every Partagás made in Havana, there’s a Partagas made on the next island over in Santiago. And for every cigar roller making Romeo y Julieta with Cuban tobacco, there’s a roller making Romeos with everything from Indonesian wrappers to Nicaraguan fillers. The …
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