Unique Packaging For Partagas 1845

New cigar brands often need to make a bold impression in the humidor, and if the gilded eagle on the band of General Cigar’s new Partagas 1845 is not striking enough, the new innovative packaging will certainly catch your eye.

When cigaraficionado.com gave readers a first look at the new Partagas 1845 last week, we had all the details about the brand save for how it would be packaged. Now, General has given us an exclusive look at the new Partagas box—a wooden case with a frosted acrylic top that also doubles as a display pedestal. The design was the brainchild of associate brand manager Ed Lahmann, who had the retailer in mind when conceiving the package.

“Brands are always fighting for retail space in the humidors,” said Lahmann. “Retailers are always going to strip off the lid, but this top serves to prop up the cigars for display.”

Once the box is situated, the gold-and-black bands are conspicuously shown and each cigar becomes gravity fed,  almost like a dispenser.

“It’s a really clean design with the brand prominently shown,” Lahmann explains. “The packaging for Partagas 1845 is the first of its kind. This is our interpretation of the classic cigar box. It’s designed around absolute presentation. The band is the hero but the branding on the acrylic lid is muted. They live closely together without overpowering one another.”

Shipping of Partagas 1845 begins April 9 so smokers should see these boxes on retailer shelves shortly after. To hear and see Lahmann describe the makeup of the box, see our video, and for the first review of the cigars, see an upcoming Cigar Insider.

"filed my exspectations well crafted cigar making it one of my standards" —May 9, 2012 19:07 PM
"I just smoked one and they are a fantastic stick. Love the dark veiny wrapper. Great flavor profile and burns evenly with a nice draw." —April 11, 2012 21:42 PM