Unique Figurado Collection from C.A.O.

Lovers of unusually shaped and creatively crafted cigars should examine C.A.O.'s Brazilia vs. Italia: Artistry of Champions sampler set. The collection of five cigars breaks new ground in cigar making.

Two of the shaped cigars are C.A.O. Italia blends, two are C.A.O. Brazilias and one is a combination of the two blends dubbed "Bratalia." Two of the cigars feature oversized trumpets with feet nearly wide enough to serve as baseball bats.

C.A.O. International Inc. vice president Tim Ozgener said that it took some trial and error to get the trumpets right. The original ring gauge was an impossible-to-light 137 -- the final version, no doubt one of the fattest feet on the cigar market, comes in at about 96 ring.

The sampler retails for $100.

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