The Sopranos Join With C.A.O. to Make a Cigar

Woke up this morning, got yourself a cigar.

America's favorite mob show, "The Sopranos," has always been cigar friendly. Boss Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, lights up an unbanded robusto as the show's opening credits play, favors are sometimes repaid with boxes of coronas and Italian dinners typically conclude with puffs of cigar smoke (and, sometimes, gun smoke.)

Now the show you cannot refuse has it's own cigar: C.A.O. The SopranosSM Edition. Boutique cigarmaker C.A.O. International Inc. announced late today in a Cigar Aficionado exclusive that it would unveil the new line at the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America Trade Show on August 7. It's the first time that Home Box Office has licensed a cigar for the series.

The cigars are made with Brazilian Mata Fina wrappers, Honduran binders, and fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Colombia. They are made in Honduras at C.A.O. Fabrica de Tabacos. The cigars come in three shapes, each named for a part of mob life: the Associate measures 5 inches by 52, the Soldier measures 6 by 54, and Boss is 7 by 56.

Look for a vertical brand tasting and more information in an upcoming issue of Cigar Insider.