The Punch by Brizard

Cyril Brizard, who once made fine cigar accessories under the Atoll name, now sells them under his own last name, Brizard. His items, all of them upscale, all of them finished with wood or leather to give them a warm look and classy feel, are among the finer a cigar smoker can wield.

A perfect example is his elegant and well researched take on the cigar punch, known simply as The Punch. It's a hefty cylinder cloaked in leather that does a fine job removing a circular punch cut from the head of your cigar.

Pull off the cap to reveal a beveled cutting circle, designed to maintain the integrity of the head of the cigar that you are cutting. Unscrew the top portion of that cap to reveal a clever miniature pole; use this to dislodge the cut circle of tobacco, which falls into the reservoir in the cutting chamber. (Brizard calls it a friendly cutter—one doesn't leave behind bits of tobacco.) When it's full, you can unscrew the bottom to clean it out. The bottom also can be pushed out to reveal a hole, to make the cutter into a keychain you can take anywhere.

The Punch (which is American made, as are all of Brizard's pieces) is available in a dozen finishes. The cutter retails for $75.00 and is available at a wide variety of fine smoke shops.

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