Taste Each Leaf in Alec Bradley's Fine & Rare with this Limited Box

Alec Bradley's new Fine & Rare (dubbed TA-25A) has 10 tobacco leaves, just like the other Fine & Rare cigars that came before. But a special version of this will come boxed with samples of the component tobaccos, so an aficionado can taste the ingredient leaves the same way the cigarmakers do.

The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare Blender's Box contains 10 finished Fine & Rare TA-25A cigars, plus 10 small cigars, one for each of the component tobaccos in the blend. Every component cigar comes in a glass tube. The component tobaccos are rustic smokes made from one type of leaf; Alec Bradley brand owner Alan Rubin smokes component tobaccos like these when blending cigars.

"We don't generally roll them that big," he says." We'll smoke then to see what each one adds."

The box retails for $475 and only 250 of them are being released.

As with all Fine & Rare cigars, they are made in Honduras at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L.