Powerhouse Petit from La Palina

The newest cigar from La Palina is known as Kill Bill for one very simple reason. “I wasn’t able to finish smoking the first prototype,” says La Palina brand owner Bill Paley with a chuckle. So he dubbed it “Kill Bill.”

The 4 1/4-inch long, 40 ring gauge cigar is part of the new La Palina El Diario line and will hit the market next month. The smokes will initially only come in four-packs (Paley said he’s considering a future 50-cigar box of Kill Bills), and the name of the cigar appears as La Palina K.B. Only after the smoker opens the pack will he or she notice the words “Kill Bill” written on the inside lid.

The La Palina Kill Bill has a Honduran Corojo wrapper, two binders (both of them Honduran Criollo seed) and a mixture of Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo tobaccos in the filler blend. The strength level for the small size is unintentional—the cigar is made with the same blend as the rest of the La Palina El Diario line. Age has tempered some of the spiciness from when Paley first smoked a sample, but in those dimensions, Paley says the cigar is still considerably strong. A test smoke exhibited solid spiciness and power.

“It’s a petit corona,” said Paley, “with the heart of a Churchill.”

The company has yet to set a price for Kill Bill, but expect it to retail around $10 or less per cigar.

For more on this story, see the November 8 issue of Cigar Insider.