Patriots Revel In Super Bowl LI Victory With Padrón Cigars

Patriots Revel In Super Bowl LI Victory With Padrón Cigars
Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Patriots' owner Robert Kraft offers receiver Chris Hogan a celebratory Padrón cigar after winning Super Bowl LI.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has some experience celebrating Super Bowl victories, so it should come as no surprise that the five-time champion came to Houston's NRG Park with a box of premium cigars to pass out after New England's incredible comeback victory in Super Bowl LI.

After a debilitating first half, an improbable 25-point comeback and a nail-biting overtime drive to defeat the Atlanta Falcons, Kraft was seen handing out Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Maduro cigars to his players and coaching staff as he congratulated them on their victory.

A video posted to Twitter by's Dan Hanzus showed a jovial Kraft navigating the crowded locker room with the box of Padróns. MVP Tom Brady embraced Kraft, but seemed more concerned with his missing Super Bowl jersey than picking up a cigar.

As far as the cigar selection goes, Kraft's choice seemed to be a good one. This particular line of Padróns tend to enjoy high ratings in Cigar Aficionado's blind tastings. One size, the short-and-squat Hermoso, recently scored 93 points, which is considered outstanding on our 100-point scale.

The Patriots will bring the Lombardi Trophy home to parade through the streets of Boston tomorrow morning. We'll see which smokes Kraft will be passing out then.

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"Love Padróns, cannot stomach Patriots. Good thing I can smoke the first & don't have to eat the second. Why 1964 Anniversario instead of a couple of boxes or so of FR #45M? Cheapo." —February 7, 2017 13:42 PM
"Go Dolphins ? " —February 6, 2017 19:09 PM
"The best cigars for THE best team! " —February 6, 2017 18:22 PM
"Which line of Padrons was it? Looks like Churchill but looking at them on my small screen I could be way off. " —February 6, 2017 17:14 PM
"Did Mr. Craft tell Roger Goodell to go puff on a White Owl?" —February 6, 2017 16:35 PM
"It sounded more like Tom Brady said "Someone stole my beef jerky" in that video. I'm serious. Give it a listen. " —February 6, 2017 15:56 PM
"Congratulations to the Patriots on their 5th Super Bowl Victory and to the Padron Family!" —February 6, 2017 15:54 PM
"First class cigar for a first class team! Too bad about TB's jersey--whoever stole it, is definitely not a cigar smoker." —February 6, 2017 15:39 PM