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Padrón Adding Fat Cigar To Anniversary Line

Padrón Adding Fat Cigar To Anniversary Line

Padrón Cigars is adding a new smoke to its 22-year-old Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series line of cigars. The smoke is short and plump and will be on the market before this summer's International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer's trade show.

Measuring a very short 4 inches by a stout 54 ring gauge, the smoke has a pronounced box pressing. Company president Jorge Padrón showed off the cigars on a visit last week to Padrón headquarters in Miami. A test of the new cigars showcased the typical Padrón Anniversary flavor of cocoa and vanilla bean.

The cigars have yet to be named, and no price has been determined at this early stage. Padrón said they were not for the Tobacconist's Association of America conference taking place in early March, but that they would be on sale prior to the IPCPR trade show this summer.

"Have a name contest" —February 29, 2016 13:03 PM