Mombacho's Cosecha 2013 Edición Unica, Second Vintage Line

Mombacho's Cosecha 2013 Edición Unica, Second Vintage Line
Photo/David Clough

One country, one harvest. That’s the idea behind Mombacho’s Cosecha 2013 Edición Unica. As the name suggests, all of the tobaccos in the blend are from 2013 crops, all of which are grown in Nicaragua—mostly from the Jalapa, Condega and Estelí regions.

According to the company, the Cosecha 2013 Edición Unica cigars were rolled in late-2014 and have been aging ever since. A little less than 7,000 cigars were produced and will ship to retailers in May.

Company president Claudio Sgroi first explored the vintage-specific concept last year when Mombacho released the Cosecha 2012 in October. Like wine, tobacco can vary in strength and aroma from year to year depending on the weather. Sgroi wanted a cigar that showcased the unique properties of a specific vintage. In his view, this could only be done successfully if all the tobacco in the cigar was from the same year.

The word cosecha means “harvest” in Spanish.

Packaged in boxes of 10, the Cosecha 2013 measures 6 inches by 52 ring gauge and is topped with a pigtail cap. They’re set to retail for $21.95 each.

The upcoming 2013 blend, however, is not the same as the 2012. The tobaccos for the 2012 cigar were grown from different Criollo and Corojo seeds.

“We only made 500 boxes of the Cosecha 2012,” said Sgroi. “And we sold out in three weeks."

For this release, Mombacho made a few more, at nearly 700 boxes.

Mombacho cigars as well as the Liga Maestro brand are made at the Casa Favilli, an old mansion in Granada, Nicaragua that’s been converted into the Mombacho Cigars S.A. factory.