Hanging With The Padróns

To me, one of the most telling things about the new Padrón headquarters in Miami is the offices. There are three large ones: the biggest for chairman José Orlando Padrón, and ones for brothers Jorge and Orlando. While I’ve spent plenty of time in José Orlando’s office, the brothers’ seem rarely occupied. Most of the time when I’m visiting—and I tend to drop by whenever I’m in Miami—all three tend to gather in the biggest part of the factory, the area where cigars are packed and orders are filled.

I think the family remembers its earlier days at its smaller headquarters, where space was at a premium and each person worked within arm’s length of one another. It’s a family business through and through.

I had dinner with the Padróns one night in Miami the other week, and spent part of an afternoon in their headquarters. During my visit I smoked another Padrón Serie 1926 80 Years. It’s a great cigar, full of complex flavor and beautifully made. I think the construction is even better today than it was when I first smoked it in November at the Big Smoke in Las Vegas. It’s their first perfecto, and only one roller makes the size.

I peppered Jorge with questions about when the cigar was coming out—everyone wants to know, and the Padróns aren’t known for rushing things along, especially when it’s something special. He assured me it was going to be on sale by Thanksgiving, but also said that there simply wouldn’t be that many of them.

They’ll come in two versions, maduro and natural, and the maduro version (the one I smoked) will be on sale first.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, and now here’s another reason to look forward to the day.

"David,It's a great pleasure of mine to once again have the opportunity to talk with you. I hope you had a pleasant time with the Padron Family here in Miami. I have the priviledge to know the family both personally and professionally. One of their greatest attributes is how very natural they are and always take the time to make us feel at home in their factory. I am truly looking forward to Thanksgiving to enjoy a great Padron after my family dinner. I hope to see you in Vegas for the Big Smoke.Best Regards. " —October 2, 2007 21:24 PM