First Vintage Smoke From Davidoff

Davidoff is poised to release a cigar made entirely of tobacco from 2002, the first vintage smoke from the company and the most expensive cigar ever to bear the Davidoff name.

The smoke's origins date back 12 years, when Davidoff's Eladio Diaz set aside some leaves he felt were extraordinary. The tobacco was from the 2002 harvest and from a particular area of the Dominican Republic, where Davidoff makes all of its cigars. Diaz put them away for aging, waiting for when the time was right.

Today those leaves are being rolled into Davidoff Oro Blanco—Spanish for white gold. The Dominican puros will be Davidoff's first vintage smoke and available in extremely limited quantities.

"This is a very, very small batch," Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, chief executive officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG, told Cigar Aficionado during a visit yesterday. "The rarest cigars for the rarest moments."

The cigar—a grand toro size that should reach stores in November—will not come cheap. "It will be the most expensive cigar we have ever made," said Hoejsgaard.

The cigars will have bands featuring the signature of Diaz and will be sold in Davidoff flagship stores. Look for more information soon.

"Reading this article regarding the aged tobacco, it reminded me seeing these "Gran Habano Vintage 2002" cigars. Are they really made with 12-yr old leaves?" —November 18, 2014 21:20 PM
"lo que he probado de republica dominicana es muy bueno. y no heran davidoff. " —October 15, 2014 03:58 AM
"muy pronto disfrutare un davidoff. y respondere. " —October 15, 2014 03:56 AM
"Thanks for the update Greg. A mere bag of shells. " —October 7, 2014 21:56 PM
"The Davidoff Royal Salomon costs almost $70 in New York, so we know that at the very least, the new Oro Blanco will be no less than seven Alexander Hamiltons. In New york anyway. " —October 7, 2014 17:46 PM