EXCLUSIVE—The New Taste of Partagas: 1845 from General Cigar

When Cigar Insider toured General Cigar’s factory in the Dominican Republic last month, we noticed some unique cigars on the rolling tables. They had gleaming, oily reddish-brown wrappers unlike others on the production line. These cigars were striking but unfamiliar.

This is because we were looking at an Ecuadoran Habano-seed wrapper that General had never used on any Partagas brand before, and it’s this same cover leaf that General is using on its soon-to-be-released Partagas 1845, the first new Partagas line to come to market in years.

“Partagas 1845 is uniquely positioned,” explained Alan Willner, General’s vice president of marketing. “This new collection celebrates Partagas’s rich heritage while ushering in a new taste spectrum for the brand.”

Along with the Habano-seed wrapper, Partagas 1845 consists of a proprietary Habano-seed binder grown in Connecticut. Dubbed Connecticut Habano, it took nine years to develop and has been blended with Dominican Piloto Cubano as well as Nicaraguan tobacco from three regions. Some of the fillers were aged in rum barrels.

For more on the Partagas 1845, see the current Cigar Insider.

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