Donatus on the Cutting Edge

Cigar Toys

Comparable to a precision German automobile shifting gear, the double blades of the Donatus Pocket Cigar Cutter gently glide and lock together in a click of perfect symmetry. The frosted stainless-steal finish, polished handles and curved hardened edges, bolted in four corners, give the cigar cutter an industrial Art Deco look, making it an accessory to be admired by cigar aficionados or engineering and art enthusiasts alike.

Donatus of Solingen, based in Solingen, Germany -- a virual Mecca of cutlery, produces a variety of cigar cutters and accessories, and like most German engineering, this cutter (which goes by the name Double-Cutter) is sleak, durable, and a bit more expensive than the average product. But you get what you pay for.

The Double-Cutter functions like your typical double guillotine, but it's built to fit three fingers rather than two. Fitting snugly over your thumb, middle and index fingers, the cutter makes slicing a cigar as natural as opening and closing your hand. With three-fingered power and a cutting edge look, your snip can be swift and clean.

Retailing for $94, the Double-Cutter comes protected in a high-grade leather pocket and is available in a variety of styles.