Davidoff Yamasá Launching Next Month at IPCPR

Davidoff Yamasá Launching Next Month at IPCPR
Davidoff Yamasá will come in four sizes (from left to right): Toro, measuring 6 inches by 52 ring gauge; Piramides, 6 1/8 by 52; Robusto, 5 by 50; and Petit Churchill, 4 by 48.

Davidoff Cigars is preparing to launch a new cigar that's rolled with tobacco leaf from the Yamasá region of the Dominican Republic, an agricultural area notorious for its difficult growing conditions. The cigar is called Davidoff Yamasá, and it will make its official debut at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show next month in Las Vegas.

"[Yamasá] ships the first day of the trade show," Richard Krutick, vice president of marketing at Davidoff of Geneva USA, told Cigar Aficionado.

While Davidoff has incorporated Yamasá-grown tobacco into some of its cigars in the past (most notably in the 2010 release of Davidoff Puro d'Oro, which wears a Yamasá-grown wrapper), Krutick notes: "This new Yamasá cigar is not a replacement to Puro d'Oro. The product and blend are completely different."

Davidoff Yamasá

Davidoff Yamasá wears a shade-grown Yamasá wrapper, a San Vicente seed binder (also grown in Yamasá), and a filler blend of Dominican Piloto and Mejorado tobaccos complemented by Nicaraguan leaf from Condega and Estelí. The cigar will launch in four sizes: Robusto, at 5 inches by 50 ring gauge ($19.70); Toro, 6 by 52 ($22.70); Piramides, 6 1/8 by 52, ($23); and Petit Churchill, 4 by 48, ($12.90). The cigars are rolled at the Cigars Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic.

The launch of the new Yamasá cigar is a project that the company says took decades to perfect. It began twenty years ago, when Davidoff's tobacco pioneer Hendrik Kelner started experimenting with growing tobacco in the reddish soil of the rural Yamasá region. In a conversation with Cigar Aficionado in 2010, Kelner described Yamasá's weather conditions as ideal, but the soil notably granular in composition. This made the earth difficult to work with: nutrients Kelner added to Davidoff's Yamasá farmland would leech out rapidly, requiring constant upkeep.

Through years of soil cultivation (in which calcium carbonate and various types of lime were added to the soil to help raise the pH levels), Kelner and his team were able to master the landscape and grow the high-quality wrapper leaf they desired.

The new cigar wears a black and silver Davidoff band, similar to the Davidoff Nicaragua and Davidoff Escurio lines, coupled with a smaller, secondary band in red, black and silver. Collectively, the three cigar lines (Davidoff Nicaragua, Escurio and Yamasá) make up the Davidoff Discovery Pillar, a cigar concept intended to give the smoker a sense of journey and discovery.

Davidoff Yamasá is slated to start shipping to retailers on the first day of the IPCPR trade show, which opens Monday, July 25th.