Davidoff Round Scissors

Take a pair of cigar scissors, bend the loops upside down and outside in, and you have the Davidoff Round Scissors. Just as it did with the guillotine cutter introduced nearly 20 years ago, Davidoff of Geneva continues to prove there's more than one way to cut a cigar.

This lightweight stainless steel cutter-in-the-round opens up like an inverted, cigar-chomping Pac-Man. Slide apart the circle with your thumb and middle figure to make a cut. It feels a bit strange at first and takes some getting used to, but the well-positioned tool angles with the natural opening and closing your hand for a straight, circular clip.

The shape combines the acumen of a guillotine cutter, being compact and forming nicely to your hand, with the versatility of a pair of cigar scissors, able to accommodate different shapes and ring gauge cigars. In addition, the sharp ends are enclosed by the body of the cutter and the blades curve inward making it safe to carry in your pocket.

Presented in the signature Davidoff green, white and gold case, the Davidoff Round Scissors retails for $395 and is available at select Davidoff dealers.