Davidoff Lounge at Club Humidor, San Antonio, Texas

The unfortunate state of affairs for most cigar-smoking travelers these days is that hotels rarely offer a comfortable place in which to light up. Hotel bars are no-smoking zones. Most hotels don't even have guest rooms in which one can smoke. Especially during the holidays, when you're visiting family and the stress can run high, what better way to take off the edge than to find that comfortable oasis where you can puff away the tension?

On a recent trip to Texas, I found myself with a little time between commitments after lunch. I was lucky to be within a stone's throw of one of the five Club Humidor cigar shops in San Antonio. The one on Huebner Road houses one of six Davidoff lounges in the United States and that's where I found a warm, very hospitable welcome and a lounge-exclusive cigar called Davidoff Lounge. Davidoff also made a 20th Anniversary Club Humidor cigar for the shops in 2014.

Davidoff Lounge San Antonio.

I took a seat in one of the sleek, new silver leather club chairs and met Don, George, Mike and Paul. Most of them are retired Air Force guys who spend a generous amount of time at the lounge. They know their cigars, and their barbecue. I felt right at home. I sparked the Davidoff Lounge and immediately recognized the smooth character of the brand. It matched the serenity of the lounge itself.

The walls are a sort of gray-brown color and there is a photo of stacked cigars that wraps around two walls. There's little else on the walls except for lighting fixtures that provide a warm glow. Yes, there's a TV and football is on, until one of the guys changed the channel to see his favorite female news personality appear. (He did not turn up the sound.)

The conversation turned to Cuba and the opening made by the Obama administration. Cautious optimism, but no real excitement. These guys know their smokes. They've had Cuban cigars. They're happy with what they're smoking in the lounge. Membership in the Davidoff Lounge is $540 annually, and that includes a locker and a 10 percent discount on merchandise. The membership is limited to 45 and there is reciprocity with other Davidoff lounges in the country.

This Club Humidor also houses a Montecristo Lounge, which, after the Davidoff Lounge opened, got a real facelift. The main difference is that the Montecristo lounge is a little more rustic with red leather chairs and a domino table that appeared to get little use. Club Humidor offers a conference room that can be reserved for meetings and also a small bar in front where non-lounge members can enjoy a cigar. The humidor at the shop has, from a quick study, just about any cigar you'd want to try and all the Davidoff lines. This is something you usually see only in Davidoff shops. It's a fantastic thing to see in Texas.

One of the members offered me an Irish whiskey. The lounge allows members to bring in their own beverages and provides soft drinks and ice. Food can be delivered. I abstained because I'd just finished a large lunch of brisket and sausage with a couple of beers and was preparing for what promised to be a fantastic dinner at one of San Antonio's newer world-class restaurants. I knew we'd be partaking later. Besides, my cigar was burning beautifully and I was just taking a sip of water every so often.

Talk turned to one of the gents and his wagers on the bowl games being played. He was down on the one on the screen right now, but there was hope. Well, that was until that kickoff return for a score. Ah, well. Next game. Everyone was encouraging.

That little bit of time I had turned into three hours that I thoroughly enjoyed while meeting the members of the Davidoff lounge in San Antonio. That's the beauty of cigars and those who love them. As Dr. Hook (and others) sang it: "Walk right in. Sit right down. Baby, let your hair hang down."

Davidoff Lounge at Club Humidor
12003 Huebner Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78230
Monday through Thursday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturday and Friday: 10 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.